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Pakku Roba

Essentials for your adventure and celebrating the American craftsman

We currently offer rugged canvas duffels, amazing coffee, and essential vehicle upgrades with a focus on quality and honesty.

Everything at Pakku Roba is made by devoted artisans with a passion for their craft and a desire provide real products made by hand.

Pakku Roba (Pack Donkey)

Offering one-of-a-kind canvas duffels designed for vehicle adventures and overlanding. These duffels secure to any platform with huge capacity, unsurpassed durability, and timeless styling. Handmade in Colorado by a devoted craftsman, the Original Pakku Roba duffle embodies the pioneering spirit of adventure.

Duffels available March 2022!

We also upgrade the core of your adventure vehicle with premium suspension, driveline re-gearing, and accessory installation.

Coffee for the Adventure

Deep Canyon Coffee is the freshest you'll find. Roasted in small batches and sent to you with zero shelf life, it's the coffee to start your day right no matter where you're finding yourself.

No gimmicks or fancy marketing, just higher standards. This coffee is so good it'll change your life.

Exclusively available through, so order some today and experience what coffee is meant to be.