Deep Canyon Coffee

is all about the coffee and nothing else. Attention to quality, masterful roasting, and unmatched freshness create the most outstanding coffee you'll ever have shipped to your door. 

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  All in the Family- Coffee has been the family business for two decades and we want to share our superbly roasted coffees with you. Richard has spent countless hours creating the perfectly balanced coffee that stands apart from the rest. By keeping a simple, straight forward approach and a desire to produce the best tasting coffee, he has crafted a selection of premium coffees that exhibit the full potential of each bean. 



 The roast- Our beans are sourced from around the world and roasted in small batches using a gradual increasing heat and all are roasted to a full city medium. This way, each bean origin can showcase it's full flavor potential. No fancy gizmos tell us when the roast is done, we listen to each batch and the beans tell us when they're ready.


What’s the perfect coffee for you?- Choose your coffee based on the characteristics of the origin. Refining the taste of the coffee has much to do with the grind and brewing process. We’re happy to give you some pointers so email us any time. Try our variety pack to find your favorite.


All coffees are roasted Monday through Friday per order, packaged whole bean, and are shipped less than 12 hours after roasting to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. 

Thank you and enjoy